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Thursday, 12 May 2011



This is brilliant. I agree with you wholeheartedly, sweetheart x


This is a brilliant post! I have scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) and spent years in and out of hospital, getting body braces and eventually having surgery to fuse parts of my spine and hold it all together with rods. I never tell people I know about it, because they do treat me differently. I know my own limitations and so far they've not hindered anything. I know this is a bit rambly and not all that much to do with anything you said, but yeah. A+ post!
Oh and we have the same dress!


Thanks Kirsteen, really glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for sharing...!
I totally understand, why you feel reluctant to tell people, because rather than thinking you are a really strong person, that had to undergo and overcome challenges, some people tend to assume something about you *because* you've told them you have scoliosis, and their perception of you changes and suddenly because you have an illness it means you are weak... but yeah infuriating!

One of my favourite dresses that lace one is! Rx


Beautifully written and definite food for thought. Here in Oz we have a campaign called "Don't dis my ability" it's all about celebrating and illuminating the diversity and ability of people living with disabilities. It's about putting the person/individual first, instead of always focusing in on the disability.

p.s. You look gorgeous as always.. LOVE that zebra jacket!


Thanks Rikki! That campaign sounds awesome... I'll have to look it up. Yeah focusing on the individual and actually listening to people is the way to go... too many charities are just bogged down with trying to look as needy as possible, and are just about the disability, rather than the people it's supposed to be supporting. Good stuff!

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