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Friday, 10 June 2011



Your hair and you look beautiful! x


Thankyou darling! x

Wardrobe Block

I agree, and I admire you for voicing your opinions on here. I also love the culottes :)

Mrs Bossa

Perfectly put. It's an insult - well more than that - to all women (prostitutes or not), men and children who are attacked. I still maintain that it is often about power and control anyway, rather than sexuality. And no-one should be blamed for owning their sexuality.


Wonderful words.. I recently read a fascinating reaction to this issue at tumblr, in which a policeman suggested that a man who had been mugged had 'asked for it' because her carried a lot of money in his wallet. It was supposed to be a sort of cutting analogy to the rape situation, echoing how victims are often interrogated when they report.
As someone who has experienced this twice in my life, I can also add that how we dress has next to no connection whatsoever. I wore a knee length duffle coat and heavyweight boots!

That aside, this is such a beautiful outfit, You look radiant!


What happened to your blog? I really enjoyed coming on here and having a read :)


Promise I'll be back, but camera got nicked, and I've been travelling all over the place... Life is good.

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