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Sunday, 17 April 2011



These pictures are ace, very Alice in Wonderland! And that dress is absolutely, ridiculously beautiful. Has your mum given it to you?


Thanks love, yeah my mum has given it to me... she used to let me wear it loads, swanning around the garden, but I never had the balls to wear it out...I absolutely adore it... I've just added some cropped pictures too, so you get a closer look.. x

northwest is best

Oooh, lovely dress! I went pubbing around Chorlton on Saturday, and the Big Green Festival at St Clement's Church. I've rarely seen so many white people with dreadlocks in one place. If you want to meet up for a coffee in Manchester, let me know!


Thanks Jacky! Yeah, we went to the festival too.... It was a lovely day for it too as well.. I'm back in London for a bit, but yeah I shall let you know! Rxx


your house is beautiful! lovely windows!


Thanks Kirsteen, its one of my favourite spots in my parents' house, because it gets sun all day long, through those rather large windows!


So cute.. Tiny Raisa. Big Chair. Lovely dress!

Anthony Blommel

It looks lovely on you! Even though you just put the camera on a coffee table, you got great shots. Especially the first one! It looks dramatic and sophisticated. That little table and chair make for a perfect setting. You can also try doing a silhouette shot or an against-the-light shot since your background is that great window.

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