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Monday, 27 September 2010



I found your blog the other day and I love both of your style on here so much. You guys have the best vintage finds. I am pretty much in awe!

Here, I am seriously in love with the bright cyan shoes paired with the equally bright and dashing dress. You look great! However, I am definitely advocating the crutches! I would love to see them with a fabulous outfit and a proud smile. I had a hairline fracture in my foot when I was at a festival a couple of years back too. It was pretty dreadful as it was the holidays and I was only 17 and too mopy to not care. Don't let it get you down! But I guess you know that.


Thanks Eline! I'm working on it.. I'm definitely thinking crutches too! I'm travelling to London tomorrow, but I reckon I can get a post in before my train! Glad you like the blog :) Love from Manchester


Take those bloody shoes off! I'd like to see the coat done up x


Not putting any weight on my broken foot! yeah I realised I didn't take a photo of it done up.. it looked really good done up and worn with flat boots.. but I didn't have time! x


Hey, I look at a lot of fashion blogs but yours is definitely one of my favourits. It inspired me to set up my own :) I'd love you to take a look: http://designcreatewear.wordpress.com/

This has got to be my coat for this winter, it's stunning!! Going to order it off the website, is it very warm? It's just that I am always freezing so I need something to keep me nice and toasty?!


Thanks Naomi! Great that you like our little blog! On the coat front, it feels really cosy, but because its cotton velvet, I don't know if it would stand up to really really cold weather.. but it definitely feels toasty to wear right now :)


I ordered the coat!! Gutted that I have to send it straight back :( too thin for me but the main problem is that I'm 5ft10 and the fur cuffs were up near my elbows!!!

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